Sivu 16

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More than a religious manuscript, the Book of Kells is considered a crowning glory of Celtic art and one of the most important treasures of Western Europe. These 16 splendid renderings from that ancient book include striking images of celestial figures, winged creatures, and a menacing mythical beast.

Table of Contents for Book of Kells Stained Glass Colouring Book
The Lion, symbol of St. Mark, and the Ox, symbol of St. Luke (detail).
Decorative panel with human and animal figures.
The Virgin and Child.
Decorative initial “N”.
Portrait of St. Matthew.
The Man, symbol of St. Matthew.
The Lion, symbol of St. Mark.
The Ox, symbol of St. Luke.
The Eagle, symbol of St. John.
The Arrest of Christ.
Decorative ornament.
The Man, symbol of St. Matthew.
The Lion of St. Mark in a circle above the Ox of St. Luke (left) and the Eagle of St. John (right).
The Temptation (detail).
Portrait of St. John.
Decorative initial “Q”.

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