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Myöhäis Viktoriaaninen muoti

Myöhäis Viktoriaaninen muoti

  • Myöhäis Viktoriaaninen muoti
  • Myöhäis Viktoriaaninen muoti


21×28 cmThe perennial popularity of Victorian styles promises an immediate and lasting enthusiasm for these 29 illustrations of fashionable apparel from the 1860s through 1910.

Table of Contents for Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions
Edward and Alexandra, 1863
Crinolines, ca. 1863
Formal Wear, ca. 1865
Summer Frocks, ca. 1866
Worth Dress and Flaring Jacket, ca. 1867
Edward and Alexandra, ca. 1875
Undergarments, ca. 1878
The Final Effect, ca. 1878
Women’s and Children’s Fashions, ca. 1878
Bathing Costumes, ca. 1880
Oscar Wilde and Aesthete, ca. 1882
Walking Costumes, ca. 1884
An American Couple in Walking Clothes, ca. 1885
Seaside Attire, ca. 1886
Wedding Attire, including Little Lord
Fauntleroy Suit, ca. 1890
Evening Wear, ca. 1891
Cycling Outfits, ca. 1894
Walking Costumes, ca. 1895
Formal Wear, ca. 1898
Evening Dress, ca. 1899
Coronation Robes, 1900
“Pouter Pigeon” Look, ca. 1901
Dinner Gown and Afternoon Dress, ca. 1901
“S” Corset and Rustling Silk Petticoat, ca. 1903
The Gibson Girl, ca. 1905
Costumes for “Automobiling,” ca. 1909
Costumes for Calling, ca. 1909
Hobble Skirts, ca. 1910
Dressed for the Tango, ca. 1910

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